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Ormskirk Lancashire L39 2AZ


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T: 01704 704392 F: 01704 704544

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What to expect
when you come

On discharge from hospital or following a new diagnosis of heart disease your Consultant / GP will refer you to attend a programme of Cardiac Rehabilitation locally. Cardiac Rehabilitation is part of NICE Guidelines and seen an important part of you recovery.
Patients who attend Cardiac Rehabilitation benefit from ongoing support and advice in the following:
- Return to work
- Driving restrictions
- Holiday Insurance / Flying
- Feelings and emotions
- Physical activity and exercise
- Self management, confidence building.
- Chest pain management
- Smoking Cessation
- Alcohol consumption
- Sexual activity and relationships

How long does it take

Stages of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Stage 1 - In patient visits for patients admitted to Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals following diagnosis or change of cardiac condition.

Stage 2 - An assessment of your Cardiac rehabilitation needs will be made by either telephone or face to face appointment with the Specialist Nurse followed by an appointment with the Physiotherapist.
- Discussion about your treatment and progress.
- Give you advice information and support.
- An opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns you may have.
- Assess your specific Cardiac Rehabilitation needs.
- Explain the services available to help your recovery.
- Base line assessment of physical ability and supervisory need.

Stage 3 - Exercise Component
A date to commence a programme of exercise and education will be arranged between 1-5 weeks following your assessment, depending on your programme choice, individual cardiac treatment and progress.

We offer a structured supervised and individually tailored exercise programme of 10 sessions, adjusted to individuals needs and programme chosen, held in the Physiotherapy Department of Ormskirk Hospital
* Choice of programme sessions.
* Group circuit based exercise held as Morming, Afternoon and Evening sessions.
* Individual home exercises programme with periodic review and support.
* Low impact exercise groups for those with limited abilities.
* Home exercise DVD and exercise diary.
* Assessment and advice for those wishing to return to their usual exercise regime following cardiac treatment.

Cardiac rehabilitation -Education Sessions are held in the Physiotherapy Department of Ormskirk Hospital, aimed to offer support in Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor Management and Lifestyle changes. Spouse, family and friends are welcome to attend.

- Healthy eating and weight management
- Cardiac Medications
- The benefits of exercise
- Coronary Heart Disease - Risk Factors / Management and Lifestyle changes.
- Cardiac conditions and treatments.
- Stress management
- Relaxation session
- Basic Life support

Onward referral to Specialist Services can be arranged eg: Smoking cessation, Anxiety Management, Dietician and Weight Management.

Stage 4 - Onward referral to local Gym / Exercise venues, walking groups etc following completion of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

All patients who have undergone PCI/CABG who have completed our programme are followed up by the Specialist Nurse 12 months after completion of programme.

General information

The programme is available for any patient who has experienced the following:
* Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease - Stable Angina - Heart Attack
* Coronary Artery Stent
* Coronary Artery By Pass Surgery
* Stable Heart Failure
* Congenital Heart Surgery
* Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
* Heart Transplant
* Implantable Cardioverter Defibrilator (ICD)
* Biventricular Pacemaker

Referral to the service by:
Self referral - with support from your GP
Specialist Nurse
Referrals from other hospitals post treatments / diagnosis of Heart Disease
Tertiary centre referral post treatment / surgery / Intervention. (eg: Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital)
In patients from Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals - will be referred by ward staff, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses will aim to see you before discharge.

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