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Cardiac Services, Bitterne Health Centre, Commercial Street, Bitterne,
Southampton Hampshire SO18 6BT

About the Programme

We presently have six programmes running weekly within the Solent NHS trust and the West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group for cardiac clients including those with heart failure to undertake community cardiac exercise and education programmes. These are undertaken following referral from phase two review and assessment for Solent clients and following an assessment and functional capacity test for WHCCG clients.

The ‘rolling’ programmes are an eight week programme at present and include weekly review, interval exercise training, health education and relaxation in a community setting near to their homes.


T: 0300 123 3793

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

The programme includes:
An eight week course of individually tailored, graduated exercise following assessment of your condition.

Advice about home exercise.

Healthy lifestyle education talks on a variety of topics.

Education on relaxation techniques.

People are encouraged to attend each weekly session and to follow a programme of exercise at home on the other days.

It is FREE of charge.

A partner or friend will be welcome at these sessions (but will be unable to participate physically in the exercise session).

Benefits of the programme:
Improved cardiovascular system.

Confidence to resume a healthy active lifestyle.

Education about coronary risk factors and their reduction.

Comprehensive treatment individually tailored and supervised by a team of health care professionals with cardiology expertise.

Reduces your risks of a further cardiac event by up to 30% if lifelong lifestyle changes are made.

What to bring:
Loose fitting clothing, suitable for exercise.

Trainers or low shoes with gripping soles.

A drink – please provide your own.

Spectacles (and case) if needed.

Any necessary medication i.e. GTN spray or inhalers for asthma etc.

If you are diabetic and measure your blood sugars, please bring your glucometer and a small carton of pure fruit juice.

What now?
Please inform the Cardiac rehabilitation nurse who sees you before your hospital discharge of your chosen venue (see below). They will contact us and you will be added to the appropriate waiting list. You will be contacted by the Solent NHS Trust Cardiac rehabilitation team with a start date and further information on the course.

Archers Road, SO15 2LU
(St Marks Road)
9:45 – 12 noon

Verwood Parish Centre,
Manor Road, BH31 6DZ
9:30 – 11:45

Lyndhurst Community Centre
SO43 7NY
13:30 – 16:00

Hedge End Village Hall
SO30 4AF
13:30 – 16:00

Totton & Eling Community Centre
SO40 3AP
9:30 – 11:45

How long does it take

8 Weeks - The programme includes:
An eight week course of individually tailored, graduated exercise following assessment of your condition.

When can I start?
4 weeks following heart attack, 2 weeks after a Stent, 6 weeks following cardiac surgery, 4 week after heart failure referral. However, there may be a delay in commencing the programme due to high demand.

General information

Whom is the programme for?
The programme is for people who have undergone coronary artery bypass grafts, had a heart attack or a stent insertion and those whom have heart failure. You will live and be registered with a general practitioner (GP) within the Solent NHS Trust or West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (WHCCG).
The programme is also available to Solent NHS clients whom have had surgery for valvular or congenital heart disease.
The programme is available for people with permanent pacemakers or implantable defibrillators whom are within the above groups.

A Home based exercise programme is available if certain criteria are met.

People with heart failure require referral from their heart failure nurse or consultant or from a community matron or GP and will need to meet certain criteria.
For all people the programme aims to return people confidently to their optimum lifestyle and reduce their coronary risk factors

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