British Heart Foundation

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital)


Cardiac Rehabilitation Office, Cardiology Department, Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Scartho Road,
Grimsby Lincolnshire DN33 2BA

About the Programme

The Cardiac Rehabilitation service at Diana, Princess of Wales hostital has a dedicated team of specialist nurses for patients with coronary artery disease. The team work in the hospital and community and offer Phases I, II & III of cardiac rehab. Phase IV exercise instructors run community based lifelong exercise.
The service has recently seen the addition of a heart failure nurse.


T: 01472 875213 / 01472 875526 F: 01472 875526

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What to expect
when you come

A cardiac rehab / heart failure nurse see those patients referred to the team during their hospital stay, or at the earliest opportunity after discharge. For those patients admitted to other hospitals an out-patient appointment will be arranged at the earliest opportunity.

Prior to engaging in Phase III exercise all patients are assessed using a variety of tools to establish the exercising environment for them, hospital or community.

A Shuttle Walk Test is performed before and after Phase III exercise.
Hospital Phase III is supported by a Physiotherapist, while community is supported by BACPR Phase IV instructor.

Unfortunately Phase III exercise cannot facilitate family participation, however for those progressing to Phase IV family are welcome to join.

How long does it take

Phase III education is a community based rolling programme throughout the year. It has a variety of topics and guest speakers. All patients and their families are invited to attend.

Phase III exercise occurs twice a week regardless of venue. Patients in the community venue attend for 6 weeks, while those in the hospital programme attend for 8 weeks.

After completion of Phase III exercise, patients will be provided with details of BACPR Phase IV exericse.

General information

All patients have a named cardiac rehab / heart failure nurse.

Nurses actively participate in exercise.

Patients are offerred a patient held record care indicating NICE Clinical Guideline targets for management of their carviovascular disease.

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