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Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (Mater Hospital)


Cardiac Rehabiltiation & Secondary Prevention Programme, Mater Hospital , Crumlin Road,
Belfast BT14 6AB

About the Programme

Welcome to Cardiac Rehabilitation Belfast Trust

Taking part in cardiac rehabilitation is an investment in your health and offers you follow up service and support. It provides you and your family with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your heart health.


T: 028 95041015

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What to expect
when you come

Our service is delivered by a team of health professionals from various areas of expertise. It is delivered on site at the Mater Hospital.
we will look at the following issues with you and your family.
Heart Disease, treatments and risks
Information on Medications
Advice on healthy eating
Advice on physical activity
Advice on coping with stress and worry
Practical issues such as driving, work, holidays, insurance etc.

How long does it take

Our cardiac rehabilitation programme is menu based which allows patients to make choices. Your cardiac rehabilitation team will tailor a programme for you based on your specific health situation and goals. The number of sessions you undertake will vary depending on your need.

General information

Heart of the Mater Cardiac Support Group meets on the second Monday of each Month at 7.30pm

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