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Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust (Wycombe)


Ward 4A, Cardiac Rehabilitation Dept., Wycombe General Hospital, Queen Alexander Road,
High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP11 2TT

About the Programme

Our Philosophy is to provide individualised, holistic care to those who have been diagnosed with cardiac problems in order to return them to a life they consider to be normal, and empower them to reduce the risk of futher events.

We see our program as an important part of recovery and it can certainly make a difference.


T: 01494 426917 M: 07824 522016

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T: 01494 426917 M: 07824 522016

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What to expect
when you come

Patients are invited to an assessment at the beginning and end of their programme. Currently some or all of their assessments may be conducted by telephone. If the appointment is face to face we will also conduct a functional test. During the assessment they will be seen by a specialist nurse and a BACPR trained exercise specialist and they will be given an individualised exercise / activity plan to help them return to their normal activities and improve their heart health. Advice on risk factor management will also be given.
Patients are advised to exercise to a moderate intensity and at no point will they be asked to do anything that is physically uncomfortable.
Patients are offered a 6 week exercise programme, which may be a group exercise class, a web class or a self-managed telephone based programme. They are also offered an education programme that may be attending a group session or talk either face to face or by web link. The talks are provided by the cardiac rehab team which includes a pharmacist, dietitian and a counsellor form the Healthy Minds service.

How long does it take

The programme lasts around 8-10 weeks in total and the exercise sessions last around an hour. The education sessions last around 2 hours. If a patient needs more support, or their programme is delayed due to a medical issue, we will wherever possible adapt their programme accordingly. Progress is monitored at every contact with the patient and their exercise advice is adapted accordingly. The programme can also be shortened if needed if the patientís exercise goals are met.

General information

The programme covers Phase 1-3 of cardiac rehabilitation and is provided by a team of cardiac rehabilitation specialist nurses and exercise specialists. We are based at Wycombe Hospital and cover all of Buckinghamshire with classes held in Wycombe, Aylesbury and Amersham. The classes are supported by members of the physiotherapy team.
Family and friends may attend the assessments or education sessions if they wish.

Please note we prefer referral by email if possible.

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