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St. Georges Healthcare NHS Trust Cardiac Rehabilitation


Atkinson Morley Wing, St. Georges Hospital, Blackshaw Road, Tooting,
London SW17 0QT

About the Programme

Initially you will receive a post discharge telephone call from a cardiac rehabilitation nurse specialist who will discuss your recovery and offer you an appointment in the cardiac rehabilitation clinic, usually within 1-4 weeks of discharge depending on your diagnosis and/or treatment (and receipt of referral).
You will be sent a questionaire with your appointment letter to complete and bring with you to assist with the assessment
At the clinic appointment you will be able to discuss your condition, recovery, any symptoms and concerns you have.
You will also be given the options for the exercise and education component of the rehabilitation programme. You will be given an information pack regarding the programme.


T: 020 8725 1396 F: 020 8725 0476

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T: 020 8725 1396 F: 020 8725 0476

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What to expect
when you come

We provide a friendly environment in all our centres for cardiac rehabilitation - at St George's Hospital or Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton or the Wandle Recreation Centre in Wandsworth.
You will be seen individually by a multi disciplinary team member each week before starting each session where you can discuss any concerns or issues you may have.
Your blood pressure and pulse may be taken at regular intervals during the exercise programme when we monitor your response to the exercises. The cardiac rehabilitation team will guide your level of exercise and provide alternatives to any exercise or movement you have difficulty with or that causes you any discomfort, this may include seated exercises or the use of a balance rail if needed. There will be relaxation sessions and education topics also included in the programme each week.

How long does it take

Most people attend once weekly for 6-8 weeks on the same day each week. however this can be negotiated on an individual basis and is dependent on your own needs and progress
Most sessions last about 2 and a half hours. This includes:-
An individual assessment by the nurse and physio staff pre-exercise.
The exercise cicuit with warm up, conditioning phase and cool down/stretches
(45 mins)
and a relaxation session (15)
In addition a health education session for approx 45 mins to 1 hour

General information

Current cardiac rehabilitation session times are as follows
Monday afternoons alternate weeks - Low intensity seated exercise class St George's
Monday 2pm to 4.15 Queen Mary's Roehampton
Tuesday 9.30 - 12 noon Wandle Recreation Centre Wandsworth
Tuesday 13.30-15.45 - St George's
Thursday 10.30-12:45)- St George's
Thursday 10:00 - 12;15 Queen Mary's Roehampton
Education Topics
1. How the heart works and treatments
2. Medications
3. Stress management
4. Exercise and the heart
5. Diet for the heart
6. Risk factors

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