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The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust


Cardiac Rehabilitation, The Jenner Building, Whittington Health, Magdala Avenue,
London N19 5NF

About the Programme

We run two community programmes of Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III - one is mainly for those patients who have had angioplasty and stent plus most valve patients and this programme is held at the Sobell Leisure Centre, Hornsey Road, London N7 7NY on Tuesday and Friday mornings. The other programme is mainly for bypass and heart failure patients and is held at Hargrave Hall Community Centre, Hargrave Road, N19 5SP, on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

PLEASE NOTE: all patients will need an appointment to be assessed before they can start either of the two programmes so please contact us to arrange this


T: 020 7288 5649 F: 020 7288 3280

Contact 2

T: 020 7288 5649 F: 020 7288 3280

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

During the sessions you will participate in group exercise sessions and relaxation in a safe supervised setting. All exercise sessions can be tailored to individual needs. The sessions will also include discussion on how the heart works, healthy eating, physical activity and medications.

By attending you will also have opportunity to talk to other people with heart problems.

How long does it take

The programme at the Sobell Leisure Centre is a rolling programme, which means we have new people start every week and they attend two sessions per week until they've done a total of eight, when we refer them on to Phase IV for more exercise.

The programme at Hargrave Hall is a set programme, which means we have a new group start every four weeks and they also attend two sessions per week for those four weeks before being referred on to Phase IV.

General information

The majority of the patients we've seen over the years find Cardiac Rehabilitation very beneficial regardless of age and ability, so please do get in touch even if you think this isn't aimed at you. See below some feedback from previus patients.

"I very much appreciated the relaxed but structured atmosphere, and your ability to provide support and give all the participants confidence, despite our very different circumstances. I also found the talks your colleagues gave helpful. You certainly restored a lot of my confidence which I'm sure everyone loses after a major cardiac operation. We were all quite shocked in May when we learned of the condition of my cardiac arteries."

"Can I say a big thank you to all the staff for your work with my rehab. I am feeling more positive both physically and mentally than I have for years!"

"Very impressed with the service offered and the support/professionalism from the whole team. Thank you."

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