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Longhill Health Care Centre, 162-164 Shannon Road, Longhill,
Hull East Yorkshire HU8 9RW

About the Programme

City Health Care Partnership CIC delivers a comprehensive ‘menu-based’ approach to delivering a programme of rehabilitation to people who have recently suffered a cardiac event. The service offers access to specialist cardiac rehabilitation nurses, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, as well as referral to dietary support services, smoking cessation and talking based therapies. We also offer you the opportunity to attend an information session where we can help you understand and manage your condition, the treatments you have had and, how to reduce the risk of future heart problems.


T: 01482 335466 F: 01482 335469

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T: 01482 335466 F: 01482 335469

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What to expect
when you come

Once a referral to cardiac rehabilitation has been made, you will be offered an hour-long appointment with a specialist cardiac rehabilitation nurse. Your personal needs and rehabilitation goals will be discussed and a treatment plan will be developed. If agreed by you and your health professional, a referral to services such as smoking cessation or talking-based therapies can be made. You may also be offered a supervised exercise programme delivered by a team of specialist physiotherapists. If you decide to take part in the exercise programme, a full physical assessment will be conducted prior to you being offered a place on one of our programmes that we deliver in a choice of venues in various locations across Hull.

The exercise programme aims to improve physical fitness, help you achieve your personal objectives and, aid your return to as many normal daily activities as possible. Exercise is personalised so that other existing health problems do not preclude your participation. Following programme completion, you will be offered a reassessment with the physiotherapy team which will include feedback on your progress and, advice about future exercise adherence and daily activities. You may also choose to see a cardiac rehabilitation specialist nurse prior to being discharged from the service.

If you decline any of these services but change your mind, you can request a referral until you are discharged (usually 12 weeks after your first appointment).

How long does it take

The duration of your cardiac rehabilitation programme varies depending on the severity of your condition, what aspects of the programme you choose to take part in and, when you choose to take part. Generally, cardiac rehabilitation takes 12 to 16 weeks from the day of your first specialist nurse appointment. If you choose to take part in our exercise programme, this will consist of twice weekly sessions for eight weeks (16 sessions). This is usually completed within the 12 to 16 week period.

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