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Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust

Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust


Cardiac Rehab Programme, Floor 5 Thorpe House, Kettering General Hospital, Rothwell Road,
Kettering Northamptonshire NN16 8UZ

About the Programme

At Kettering we are a fantastic team of enthusiastic rehabilitation professionals, the team is predominantly Nurses and Exercise Specialists combining to provide a service to anyone with Cardiac needs. From prevention (some primary will be accepted on our Phase 4 programme) to rehabilitation (secondary to having some form of heart problem)

We are commissioned by the Corby and Nene CCG to deliver a comprehensive rehabilitation service.

Our goal is to ensure that you as patients have all the tools you need to change your lifestyle in order to prevent any reoccurrence of heart problems, or to manage the long term conditions you may have.

We are committed to giving education, lifestyle tracking, exercise programmes tailored to your needs and long term support for you and your family members.

Our aim is see you return to your normal life, we will do anything we can to help you achieve this.

The programme has been running for many years but only in the last 3-4 years have we seen huge expansion. We see any form of cardiac patient or patient with any cardiac issue due to our approach with other long term conditions.

If you are not sure that you come into our criteria you are encouraged to call us to see what we can do for you. As a team we are always looking to challenge ourselves and expand our service so that no one goes without support.


T: 01536 491385

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

We will give you at least an hour for a 1-1 consultation to talk you through your specific procedures, treatments, give lifestyle advice to reduce risk of further episodes and exercise assessments based on individual needs.

We will always discuss you as an individual and allow you to dictate the pace at which we deliver these assessments. We will offer you an exercise based programme and set you individual goals based on what it is you would like to achieve.

We currently offer exercise sessions at Kettering Hospital, Lodge park leisure Centre, Rusden Wesleyan Church Hall, Waendel Leisure centre in Wellingborough, and a local Gym in Kettering.
We also offer a Home Based Exercise Programme using Heart Manual which is available if you cannot make it to our other sessions

No matter what you decide we will offer something to cater for you as a individual and set specific targets/goals that have been discussed.

How long does it take

The programme we currently offer takes 2 forms

Phase 3
This usually takes approximately 8-12 weeks - 1 session per week for 8 weeks is desirable though we understand this is a long term commitment and therefore we allow 12 weeks to complete 8 sessions with us.

Phase 4
There is no time limit associated with this - it is completely voluntary on your part and you pay a small fee to attend per session which covers our costs and puts any extra back in the hospital programme so we can improve our service

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