British Heart Foundation

East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust


Dedham Ward, Colchester General Hospital, Turner Road,
Colchester Essex CO4 5JL

About the Programme

The programme consists of supervised exercises which are graduated and individually prescribed following an assessment.
There are a number of informative and educational sessions running for patients and family attending the programme,these are led by a number of health care professionals.
Throughout the programme we will endeavour to supprt both your partner and yorself.


T: 01206 742794 F: 01206 742699

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T: 01206 742794 F: 01206 742699

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What to expect
when you come

Please wear loose comfortable and clothing and soft soled shoes.
When you arrive at the North gym ,we will take your blood pressure and make sure you are ok to carry out your exercise .We will also review your medications each time, how you are progressing and any other concerns that you may have..
We measure your heart rate in order for you to know what you should be working towards.
We have two intensities,high and low .We have a 10/15 warm minuite up ,24 minuites of exercise and a 10/15 minuite cool down.A cup of weel earned tea ofr coffee at the end and time to reflect.

How long does it take

We currently have two programmes.
One is twice a week on Monday afternoon and Friday morning and we also offer an evening programme on a Tuesday for 8/10 weeks ,these do not include our education sessions .The programme is tailored therefore it may be longer or shorter than stated.

General information

The programme is Nurse Led with the input of two exercise Specialist's .We pride ourselves on our programme and have excellent feed back .
If you wish we will refer you onwards to continue with your exercise regime.

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