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Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen)


Broadgreen Hospital, Thomas Drive,
Liverpool Merseyside L14 3LB

About the Programme

Brief Description of Service

In Liverpool the cardiac rehabilitation service is provided on 2 sites (Broadgreen Hospital & Royal Liverpool University Hospital for adult patients with a diagnosis of coronary heart disease in line with national recommendations. Referrals include post heart attack, angina, pre & post cardiac surgery, heart failure patients, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), heart transplant and other cardiac conditions considered on an individual basis.

The service at the Royal Liverpool Hospital provides Phase 1, 2 & 3 and phase 2 and 3 at the Broadgreen site. Phase 1 is provided on the Broadgreen site by the Cardiothoracic Centre.

Phases of cardiac rehabilitation are described below.

Phase1 : Patients seen by cardiac rehabilitation practitioner as an In patient.
Phase 2: early post discharge support provided by telephone call on all patients and if necessary a home visit.
Phase 3: Outpatients cardiac rehabilitation exercise programme
Phase 4: cardiac rehabilitation provided by Liverpool Leisure Service & on going maintenance provided by Liverpool PCT

Phase 1 In patient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patients are referred on admission and are given advice and support (both educationally and psychologically) to help patients in their recovery. When ever possible the patients family should be involved in all aspects of the patient rehabilitation. There are a wide range of booklets and leaflets available plus video’s and DVDs for patients and relatives. Some materials are available in ethnic minority languages and there is good access to the interpreting services.

The cardiac rehab team send a discharge summary to the GP on discharge and are given an assessment appointment to come and discuss attending an outpatient appointment. They are also informed that they may contact the cardiac rehabilitation during office hours and that an answer machine is available outside of these times.

Telephone contact
Following discharge from the Royal Liverpool Hospital and for ALL referrals into the service patients are contacted by telephone. Telephone contact is to check progress, provide any additional information, check that the assessment appointment is still suitable and to reiterate the chest pain protocol as well as check that patients are still compliant with their medications.

Assessment appoinment
An individual assessment will be offered to all patients to assess their exercise capabilities, understanding of the illness and provide psychological support.


T: 0151 600 1922

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

Phase 3 Out Patient Rehabilitation
Following the individual assessment and in consultation with the patient they will be offered the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme at either the Royal Liverpool University Hospital or Broadgreen Hospital. Patients attend either once or twice week for a six to eight weeks , or depending on individual assessment.

How long does it take

Patients attend either once or twice week for a six to eight weeks , or depending on individual assessment.

Phase 4
Patients invited to attend once per week for 12 weeks at several Leisure Centre’s across the city.

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