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Flat 5 Ashwell House, Lister Hospital L9B, Corey's Mill Lane,
Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 4AB

About the Programme

Cardiac Rehabilitation aims to promote your recovery and restore you as full a life as possible. Cardiac Rehabilitation can be of benefit to you whether you are mildly or severely limited by your heart disease. If you have mild heart disease you may find that following a rehabilitation programme you become even fitter than before. If you have more severe heart disease you may find that, although your activities are limited, a Cardiac Rehabilitation programme will help restore your confidence, maximise your recovery and improve your quality of life.
Cardiac Rehabilitation focuses on:
• education on lifestyle changes and treatment
• exercise and relaxation
• counselling & support
The cardiac rehabilitation service is offered to patients recovering from a heart attack, post coronary angioplasty or stents, post coronary bypass grafts surgery, or implantable cardiac defibrillator insertion.


Aileen Crick T: 01438 284183 F: 01438 285932 E:

Contact 2

Alex Watman T: 01438 284183 F: 01438 285932 E:

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

Following your referral, you will be offered a clinic Assessment Appointment to see the
Nurse & Physiotherapist where specialist advice will be given on appropriate intensity, duration and type of exercises, healthy eating including cholesterol levels, weight
Management, stress management quitting smoking, medication & returning to work.
Your team will develop a personal health plan & help you identify goals you would like to achieve.
NHerts Leisure centre in Letchworth or QE2 in Welywn
Chesfield Downs Golf Club- Seated /Modified programme
Home Exercise using the Heart Manual with telephone contact

Size of groups-10-15

Duration- 4to 6 weeks ,lasting about 2 hours each session of exercise & educational talks.

Relatives are welcome to attend both clinic assessment & talks.

Maintenance: on completion of programme you are encourage to continue your exercise either at home or joining community programmes which you can be referred to.

How long does it take

The programme lasts anything between 2-8 weeks depending on how much help and input you need. Sessions are once a week on Tuesday afternoons. Each session lasts 2 hours, consisting of exercise and educational talks. Relatives are welcome to attend our talks but unfortunately we can't offer them the exercise class.

General information

You don’t need any special equipment or clothing for the classes, just loose comfortable clothes and footwear that is safe to exercise in.
Bring some water to drink and eat a light meal beforehand.
If you need reading glasses bring those as there is a little bit of paper work to do.
At the end of the programme we will be encouraging you to carry on with your exercise to improve your health. Classes for heart patients are available in the community which you can be referred to.

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