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St. Albans City Hospital, O.T Department, Maple Unit, Waverley Road,
St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 5PN

About the Programme

ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: Ground Floor Apsley One, Brindley Way, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 9BF Fax 01442 454462
ALL REFERRALS TO: Administrators on email

The aim of our Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme is to promote your recovery and to help you to return to as full a life as possible following your heart event.

Our programme is available for patients that have had a Heart Attack, Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery or Heart Valve Surgery.


T: 020 8102 5890

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T: 020 8102 5890

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

A member of staff will see you for an individual assessment. They will then introduce you to the programme, which involves exercise, education and relaxation. These are carried out in a supportive environment with people who are in similar circumstances as you.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise programme is a structured, supervised programme, which is designed to increase your exercise levels and self-confidence. Information is given at the end of the programme about continuing with exercise either by yourself or in a group setting.

The education programme is aimed at helping you understand your heart condition and measures you can take in order to reduce the risk of any further heart problem.

We will offer you advice on healthy eating, medication, stress management how to stop smoking, and ways to create a balanced healthy lifestyle.

An important part of the programme, we will offer you advice on effective relaxation methods, practise relaxation and the importance of reducing stress levels.

How long does it take

The programme runs once a week for 9 weeks. The sessions are held on a Thursday morning between 10.00-12:45 at St Albans City Hospital.

General information

ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: Gossoms End Community Hospital, Victory Road, Berkhamsted
HP4 1DL. Tel: 01442 285 859

ALL REFERRALS TO: Administrators on email
Whilst you were in hospital, you may have met a member of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team. Ultimately, your details will be forwarded to your local Cardiac Rehabilitation Team, who will contact you directly by either telephone or letter and invite you for an assessment.

For more information, please contact the team direct on 01442 454662

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