British Heart Foundation

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust


Cardiac Rehabilitation Service, Cardiology Department, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Colney Lane, Colney,
Norwich Norfolk NR4 7UY

About the Programme

We offer a combination of clinic visits, home based programmes using the Heart Manual and Angiolplasty plan and group sessions covering information, exercise and relaxation. We will try to tailor the combination to the needs of the individual. For patients living outside of Norwich their programme might include visits to the hospital and group rehabilitation at a venue nearer to their home


T: 01603 287002 F: 01603 287494

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T: 01603 287002 F: 01603 287494

Email For Referrals

What to expect
when you come

You will have the opportunity to receive information, support and help towards your recovery and changing lifestyle to keep you well in the future. Some clinics have the opportunity to see different members of the team including dietitian, occupational therapist, specialist nurse or physiotherapist. If you have been given a heart manual or angioplasty plan please bring this with you to each visit. Our group sessions include exercise so please come with appropriate clothing and footware.

How long does it take

Clinic consultations may take 30-90 minutes. Assessment for the group programme take approximately 90minutes and attendence in the following week will be approximately 2hours. Details and timings will be confirmed in writing before your appointments.

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