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Cardic Rehabilitation Team, Rehabilitation Department, Royal Papworth Hospital, Papworth Road, Cambridge Biomedical Campus,
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 0AY

About the Programme

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team at Papworth currently provide two Phase 3 programmes. The programmes are an In-House programme based in the hospital gym, and an outreach programme called the Road to Recovery programme which is undertaken in the patient’s home with weekly telephone/email support from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team. Both programmes last for approximately twelve weeks. The overall aim is for patients to have improved understanding of their condition and to gain confidence in their ability to optimise their fitness and lifestyle. They achieve this by following a carefully structured and progressive exercise programme, and by targeted advice on weight management, healthy eating, stress management, blood pressure management which is linked to attainable goals. With lifestyle management, long-term health outcomes, quality of life and prevention of longer-term hospital re-admission are shown to be improved.
Our in-house programme is for patients who prefer a face to face, group programme attending weekly exercise, education and relaxation sessions. The Road to Recovery programme is for patients that prefer to exercise at home but still requires you attend the hospital once for an initial thorough assessment.
Patients are invited to begin their rehabilitation programme 6 weeks following surgery and 2 weeks after heart attack and stenting. We also offer our programme to patients with heart failure or following ICD insertion.


T: 01223 638429

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What to expect
when you come

An initial comprehensive health approximately 2 hours which includes risk factor assessment and an exercise assessment.
Education Sessions
A rolling programme of topics including cardiac anatomy and procedures, nutrition, weight management, exercise, managing stress and making changes and medications.
Exercise Programme
A carefully structured and progressive exercise programme incorporating flexibility and cardiovascular and resistance exercise lasting up to 1 hour. This includes seated through to higher level exercise with instruction on pacing activity levels so that exercise can be continued safely in the home environment. We have DVDs that reflect the class exercises to encourage exercise sessions 3 times weekly – once in the supervised environment at Papworth and then twice at home.
On a home programme the DVD can be done 3 times a week or the team can devise an individualised programme for you. The exercise programme works as a bridge enabling a return to previous exercise levels or the development of new habits of regular exercise and activity and helping to restore confidence, strength and stamina.
Relaxation Programme
There is a structured or unstructured relaxation period at the end of each exercise session. Structured programmes are available to all patients on CD.

How long does it take

Each programme lasts 12 weeks, after close supervision and advice for the first 6 weeks, patients are encouraged to become more independent in making their own decisions about their exercise progression and lifestyle changes during the second 6 week period. They are supported in this by a phone call in week 9 and by a final telephone assessment at week 12. A face to face final visit can be arranged if preferred.

General information

Comments from previous patients:
“You gave me the guidance I needed to get through a tougher time than I admitted to anyone”
“ The whole package has been fun, educational and very comprehensive”
“I found the rehab programme both vital and fun and it was a major help in allaying my worries and fears – so deep and profound in the early weeks and months”
“I have very much appreciated all the advice and am pleased to say I am feeling much better”
“Your help was the reason I feel so good!”

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