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Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Addenbrooke's Cardiac Rehabilitation Service, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Medical Services (Box 135), Hills Road,
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 0QQ

About the Programme

The cardiac rehabilitation team based at Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge run 4 phase 3 education and exercise programmes in the surrounding area each week.
•Monday: Paradise Sports Centre, Ely.
Education session; 13:45-14:45
Exercise; Arrive at approx 11:30p.m. Exercise finishes at 1:00pm
•Tuesday: Physiotherapy gym, Level 2, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.
Education session; 1:30 – 2:30.
Exercise; Arrive at 11:45. Exercise finishes at 1.00pm
•Wednesday: Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre, Kings Hedges, Cambridge.
Education session; 09:15 -10:15.
Exercise; Arrive at 10.30am. Exercise finishes at 12 noon
•Thursday: Lord Butler leisure Centre, Saffron Walden
Education session; 11:15-12:15.
Exercise; Arrive at approx 12.30pm. Exercise finishes at 2.00pm.
Home based exercise programmes are also available.


T: 01223 216985 F: 01223 256784

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T: 01223 216985 F: 01223 256784

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What to expect
when you come

Education Sessions
 These are held either just before, or just after, the exercise sessions . You may attend these before you start the exercise programme, and your partner or spouse are also welcome to come along with you.This is a rolling programme of talks so you can start at any time.

Why come to the activity session?
• We aim to teach you what levels of activity you can practise safely on a day to day basis, and how to increase these levels of activities safely.
• To help build your confidence and reduce anxiety levels.
• To help reduce the occurrence of symptoms.
• To reduce the risk of future coronary events.
• To make your heart and other muscles stronger and more efficient.
• To help control blood pressure.
• To maintain and improve flexibility.
The exercise programme has warm up, conditioning phase, cool down and relaxation components each week.

How long does it take

We recommend that you attend all 5 education sessions and up to 8 exercise sessions.

General information

You should wear lose, comfortable clothes:
• Shorts or long trousers, T-shirt or lightweight shirt, trainers or comfortable shoes.
• Please bring a towel.

Please bring a bottle suitable for drinking from (for example one with a ‘sports’ top), with at least 500 ml in volume containing water. You will be asked to take small, frequent drinks during the session.

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